Bike Planters

A connecting wiggly rack can also be made to order to make a solution for 8 or 12 bikes

All planters made to order, lead time 4-6 weeks

1-4 planters:  ~£570*
5-10 planters: ~£510*
10+ planters £poa
Wiggle insert £poa
*steel prices are rising week by week, please email us for latest prices


The Bike Planter is a versatile and attractive solution for public space bike parking.

Traditional stands need to be set into the ground individually, requiring expensive groundworks to install. The Bike Planter can either be placed on any surface and weighted with gravel at the bottom, or can be bolted down using chemfix anchors.

They can also be used for temporary ad-hoc parking for events etc, either pre-planted – transported and moved with suitable lifting gear, or filled and planted on site.

Total mass with 1/3 gravel and 2/3 soil is around 270kg.

Material: 1.5mm pre-galvanized laser-cut steel, 48mm diameter galvanized steel tubing.

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